Since 2012, our journey has been dedicated to exploring and cultivating a wide range of exotic fruit plants on our farm. Through extensive travels to various foreign countries, we have had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with thousands of fruit plant species and gain valuable insights into their cultivation methods. Our primary focus has been to identify varieties that thrive in our local climate, allowing us to commence their cultivation on our farm.
Over time, the fruits of our labor have begun to manifest as these plants have started yielding impressive results. Among the many remarkable discoveries, we recognized the immense potential of avocado, a magical fruit that we believe will significantly contribute to our country's future economy. Consequently, we have diligently cultivated the finest varieties of avocado in an organized manner.
Today, our nursery boasts a diverse collection of high-quality seedlings. Key Farm's mission is to discover exceptional varieties from various species and make them available to passionate fruit growers and enthusiasts. Given India's diverse climatic conditions, our farm provides essential technical guidance to help individuals select suitable fruit varieties for their specific locations. We take pride in responsibly delivering these fruit plants within and outside the state of Kerala.
At Key Farm, we are committed to promoting the growth and success of the horticulture industry in our region. By continuously exploring and introducing unique fruit plant species, we aim to contribute to the agricultural and economic development of our country.
Keyfarm Wayanad
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